Welcome to Klarna Checkout

With the Klarna Checkout service, you can easily, flexibly and securely shop online. By answering a couple of easy questions, you will conveniently identify yourself in the service and you can choose the payment method that suits you best.

Klarna Checkout is clear because we distinguish between purchase transaction and payment. You first confirm your purchase, after which you select the payment method you want. The options available to you are a Klarna invoice or a Klarna account - or a card or bank account transfer, all equally secure. You can also, if you wish, connect the PIN code to Klarna Checkout.

By providing or requesting information through Klarna Checkout, you agree to our Terms of Use and the processing of your personal information as set forth below.

Klarna Checkout Terms of Use

By using the Klarna Checkout service, you accept the terms and conditions of Klarna AB (556737-0431, Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm), "Klarna", as set out below, including any attachments and other materials referenced ("Terms"). By providing or requesting information, you will start using the Klarna Checkout service. By using, you also agree that we will process your personal information and possibly transfer the information to a third party or outside the EU / EEA. You must be at least 15 years old to use Klarna Checkout.

Identification, adaptation and risk assessment

Klarna must verify your identity in order to securely identify you and prevent unauthorized use or misuse of the Klarna Checkout service, as well as to meet the requirements of good credit practice. Klarna also retrieves additional information from various service providers, such as personal identification number, name and address, as well as credit information when selecting credit options. In order to carry out the risk assessment, Klarna must also use any information you may have provided in connection with previous purchases and publicly available information on the Internet, as well as information on how you have previously complied with our payment terms. Klarna Checkout automatically adjusts the risk assessment and thus the content of the service every time you use the service and you do not have to provide any other information in addition to the necessary information. In certain situations, your previously provided address, approved by Klarna, will be displayed immediately after entering your email address and zip code. An approved address may only be used for the purpose of pre-filling address information immediately upon purchase. By enabling a PIN, you can easily avoid pre-filling an accepted address. By completing the purchase, you will confirm your identity and the correct delivery address.

Payment, payments

The payment options available to you are displayed on Klarna Checkout. The payment options currently available on Klarna Checkout are invoice, overdraft, card payment, or direct payment via bank. The default payment option is an invoice, whenever possible. When paying by invoice, Klarna's current invoicing conditions apply; currently a 14-day credit, and in the event of a delay in payment, a € 5 reminder fee and a default interest rate that is 7% higher than the reference rate set by the Bank of Finland at any given time. Use of the Klarna Checkout service is free of charge. However, the selected payment option may result in taxes or fees, see the detailed payment terms for the option you select. Klarna may add or remove one or more payment options available from Klarna Checkout at any time.

By completing the purchase transaction in the Klarna Checkout service, you entered into an agreement with Klarna, in which Klarna e.g. guarantees that you will not have to pay for products not delivered to you. At the same time, Klarna will reimburse the store for the amount of your purchases and Klarna will be entitled to the receivable. Whichever payment method you choose, your payment will be used to settle Klarna's claim.

Operation, PIN code

Klarna owns all rights to the Klarna Checkout service. Klarna grants you a temporary right to use the Service to make purchases in a manner consistent with the use defined by Klarna, in accordance with the then-current Terms.

Klarna Checkout offers the possibility to choose a personal code, the so-called. PIN-code. The PIN code is an optional option for you who want extra protection when making e-purchases. When choosing a code, keep in mind that you will not select a code that resembles your personal ID, phone number, or the like. Do not disclose the code to anyone or make a note of the code that would allow outsiders to assume that it is a PIN.


You represent that the information you have provided is correct and that it applies to you. You also represent that you have the right to enter into agreements without the approval of a guardian, trustee or other person.

If you use the Service on behalf of a legal entity, you also represent that you are competent to enter into this Agreement and therefore accept the Terms in its entirety on behalf of the legal entity. By providing other people's personal information, you also confirm that you have given your consent to the disclosure of such information and that the information may be used for the purpose and in the manner described in the Terms.


The use of non-personal information or the use of information that you are not otherwise authorized to use for any other reason, as well as the use of the Klarna Checkout service in a way that is otherwise inconsistent with the purpose, is considered misuse from Klarna's point of view. All information related to misuse or suspected misuse of Klarna Checkout, such as information about the provision of false or misleading information, will be stored and used in future risk assessments and to protect those involved. A person who misuses the Klarna Checkout service may be prevented from using the service in the future. Your own behavior in complying with the Klarna Services Terms and Conditions and individual payment terms will also affect the risk assessment you make when using the Klarna Checkout service and thus your ability to use all payment options.

Personal information

Klarna and its partners process your personal information in order to provide you with a simplified payment method through the Klarna Checkout service and to further simplify the payment process the next time you use Klarna's services. Klarna processes personal information to verify your identity, to manage customer relationships, to prevent misuse or misuse of the payment service, to perform customer analysis, credit assessment, risk analysis, risk management, to develop business, to meet the requirements of our own and separately selected partners. All information that can be directly or indirectly identified as relating to you is personal information. For example, Klarna processes the following personal data:

  1. Contact information - name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
  2. Identity number
  3. Payment information - card number, billing information, etc.
  4. Financial information - for example, information on income and possible default entries (used in situations where a credit survey is conducted), etc.
  5. Item information - information about your purchases
  6. Historical data - information about previous purchases, information about how you have previously complied with the payment terms and information about possible credit rejection decisions, etc.
  7. About your computer / device - IP address, language settings, Internet browser settings, etc.
  8. Information generally available on the Internet

The personal identity number is used in Klarna's systems for identification and as a customer number for customer processing purposes. If you have previously used Klarna, your information may have been stored, for example, for customer management purposes, to meet documentation requirements, or for similar acceptable purposes. Klarna will use any of the above information to verify your identity and make it even easier for you to use the Klarna Checkout service. Klarna may also use electronic media (eg text messages and e-mails) to communicate with you. Klarna may disclose the information to other companies in the Klarna group of companies, which may also use the information in the manner and for the same purposes as described in these Terms. For administrative purposes, the information may also be disclosed to the e-commerce where you have made your purchases and to partners selected separately for customer analysis and marketing purposes. In addition, the information may be disclosed to the debt collection agency or similar in connection with the transfer of the receivable. The data may also be transferred outside the EU / EEA to a country where the level of protection of personal data is not at the same level as in the EU / EEA. Klarna takes care of the protection of personal data and puts in place appropriate safeguards to protect the data. You have the right to request access to information about yourself in writing once a year. You also have the right to correct inaccurate information and refuse to receive marketing communications. Klarna has the responsibility of the data controller to process your personal data.

See also Klarna's Privacy Statement, which describes in more detail how Klarna handles personal information. You can also get more information by contacting Klarna by e-mail: tietosuoja@klarna.fi.

By using Klarna Checkout, you agree that we will process your personal information as described in these Terms, including any transfer of information to another company or to a country outside the EU / EEA. You also agree that Klarna may use electronic communications, eg in marketing.


Klarna uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from Klarna's web server and stored by your internet browser to provide you with various functions. Klarna uses cookies e.g. to customize the Klarna Checkout service for you and for internal analysis related to the use of our website. Cookies cannot harm your computer. See Klarna's privacy statement if you need more information about how Klarna uses cookies.

By using the Klarna Checkout service, you accept the use of cookies.

Changes, Additions and Other Services

Klarna is constantly changing and improving its services and reserves the right to change the Terms in order to improve the use of the Klarna Checkout service. Therefore, always read the Terms and Conditions before each new purchase. Other services provided by Klarna are subject to the terms and conditions of that service in force at the time. The terms and conditions can be found at www.klarna.fi. Should an individual term prove to be invalid, it will not affect the validity of the other terms.

Links to other web sites or from other web sites

Klarna will not accept or review any third-party web sites or applications. Klarna is also in no way responsible for or responsible for their content. To the extent that you use a third-party web site or application, compliance with that site / appliques conditions.

Limitation of Liability, Applicable Law and Disputes

In addition to what follows from the Terms or mandatory consumer protection laws, Klarna will in no event be liable for any damage resulting directly or indirectly from your use of the Klarna Checkout Service. Klarna is also not liable for damage caused by the customer's failure to comply with the PIN regulations. The terms are governed by Finnish law and any disputes will be heard in the General Court.


You have the right to use the Klarna Checkout service until one of the parties terminates the agreement, in which case the contractual relationship ends immediately. However, the termination does not affect the terms and conditions applicable to the completed purchases or the obligations arising therefrom (for example, in respect of unpaid invoices or payments, etc.). The termination also does not affect the right to process personal data as described in these Terms.

Klarna Checkout Terms of Service version 1.4, updated March 3, 2015