The Tooth Fairy and the Lost Tooth -book

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The book is recommended for 4-10 year olds and anyone who enjoys happy evenings and beautiful illustrations. The pictorial world of the book is located in the autum-painted Lapland landscape and is written, illustrated and printed in Finland. 

Hammaskeiju ja kadonnut hammas (The Tooth Fairy and the Lost Tooth) book tells a story of How the Tooth Fairy looses a deciduous tooth, something she had never done before. It was a disaster! Fortunately, the fairy gets help from the bear lady, the mountain owl and the Sleeping Mat. The fairy learns how things tend to get organized as long as she finds herself asking for help. The story also reveals why the Tooth Fairy collects children’s deciduous teeth.

Hardcover, 38 pages, 28 x 21 cm. The name of the book on the cover is silver foil.

Authors: Minna Kurttila and Sannimaria Kurttila

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